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  • People are starting to consider Soma as a God now lol Hayama and Tsukasa don’t stand a chance, and they’re now thinking that they’re glad to have met him lol 
  • Ignoring how things came to be, we’ve finally reached the story of Soma’s mom. 
  • Mother’s taste. Don’t tell me Soma’s mom and Mana are…
  • Hayama who is better declined the nomination and yet Takumi and Megumi participate. So, it’s not about one’s strength, but it’s the tournament for ones with superpowers. And that’s why the other E10 weren’t invited?
  • So, now we know now that Isshiki doesn’t have a superpower.Thought it was strange that he wasn’t invited but now…I pity him lol
  • I wonder if Isshiki and Kuga also declined the nomination. Although, it’s not really Kuga’s personality. I wonder if he will later get the explanation that he doesn’t have a superpower or something lol
  • Hayama: “I don’t stand a chance against Yukihira so I will decline the nomination…” Does this tournament not allow ones without confidence to participate? Tadokoro thought she could win? Takumi who fought toe to toe against Soma has a higher seat than Hayama?
  • Thought that fried rice would play a role eventually but it’s now I guess.
  • Nakamura: “Soma can’t win against Asahi” Jou: “Is that right?” Nakamura: “What?” (Continued next chapter) Chapter entirely ignores what happened last chapter. 
  • What happened with Hayama’s personality…
  • in response to the comment above: What happened with his hungry mentality when he once questioned Hisako’s mentality for being content with number two. He didn’t participate because he thought he couldn’t win?
  • It’s not Hayama’s personality to decline the nomination just because he doesn’t stand a chance against Soma. It’s a shame that both Mimasaka and Hayama are being used to hype the protagonist. 
  • Feels like they just shut the opinions of those that argue that Hayama and Mimasaka should have been a part of this tournament due to their superpowers. 
  • Feels the same as reading the end of Nisekoi

Updated translations below:

  • I can understand that Hayama and Mimasaka have superpowers, but Takumi and Megumi? That’s forced.
  • I think most could’ve assumed that the memory between Soma and his mother is what would level up his dish and crush Asahi.
  • At the beginning, the rivals had quite an attitude, but it resonated with me that Alice was relatively friendly from the beginning. The fact that she’s positive and active explains her popularity.
  • A dish that remembers him of his mother So, till the end, we almost didn’t get any original menu. All those dishes are things from the past.
  • Eventually we will get something like, Judge: “What is this taste?” Soma: “You call this taste, sweet.”
  • Volume 35 has chapters 300~309. I guess the manga will end in volume 36 with chapters 310~318. 311: Mana’s bestowing and Soma Mother’s flashback. 312: Asahi will taste Soma’s dish and admit defeat. 313~316: Soma vs Erina. 317: The BLUE arc will finish. 318: Few years or even 10 years will have passed and the manga ends. Just my assumption.

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