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Chapter starts in the airport and Soma is carrying his knife around so obviously security stops him. Soma says he isn’t a suspicious guy but gets asked what the knife is about then. The supervisor appears and tells the other guy to let Soma go. “How can you not know chef Soma!”

Soma gives Erina a call that he has returned and Erina says that she will get the usual attendees ready for the tasting. 

Hisako tells to Erina that she will contact the  attendees asap. As it’s short notice, Isshiki and Kuga can’t attend.

Isshiki (26 years old): “What did you say! He will come back!? Oh no…if you had told me sooner, then I could’ve closed the store and go to Tokyo!”

Kuga (26 years old): “Sorry sorry Sooooory. I can’t come this time. I’m just about to depart to China~~~”

After receiving the message, Megumi says it’s amazing that Soma came up with another dish again. 

When Megumi isn’t busy, she’s helping out Hinako and learns from her what it means to be an owner. Nene is also there to learn.

Eizan, Yoshino and Nikumi have started their own meat business and Eizan and Nikumi are fighting over the price.

Eizan; “Can’t you give us a bigger discount, Miss Mito Group? Isn’t this all for the customers? Ah?”

Nikumi: “I already gave you a big enough discount. You’re only thinking about your own share.”

Yoshino: “Well well let’s get along. Huh…? A message from Hishoko-chi!’

Hayama has become a college professor. Takumi and Isami are in italy and are about to go back to Japan and they get a message that Soma has returned as well.

The former elite ten like Tsukasa, Rindo, Megishima, Momo and Saitou all have their own restaurants with WGO stars and are currently the judges for the training camp at Tootsuki.

Meanwhile in the Nakiri household, Alice tells Ryo that they will attend too and she invites Asahi but he declines as he has to teach 3 classes that day.

Erina arrives to Yukihira and is greeted by Soma’s grandpa. After letting Jouichiro take over Yukihira, he mainly took a support role. And as Soma is opening Yukihira in an irregular basis, he comes to clean the place sometimes. 

Grandpa: “By the way Erina chan, when he says, “I’ve come up with a new creation!” and comes back. You have no obligation to always help him out…If it’s too much trouble, you can just decline it.”

Erina: “Huh…? N…no. It’s not really any trouble to me…Also…right! He’s a former first seat. I’m required as the director to do this.”

Grandpa: “Ha…is it so? Well then, make yourself comfortable.”

Erina: “It’s of course part of my role as the director…but is it truly just that? At that time…when we were still in our 3rd year. And I found out that you suddenly went overseas, the reason why I got so irritated…now I know why.”

I thought that we would be able to cook together from close distance but…you didn’t even tell me anything when you went overseas. That was something that I couldn’t…

Soma: When I met that guy for the first time (Asahi), the words you spoke were…The trick to become an even better chef is to find someone that you can devote your everything…


Jouichiro would ask Tamako to taste his new dish and Soma is jealous looking at it and would try to compete with Jouichiro and ask which dish tastes better. Tamako gives an honest feedback and says that Jouichiro’s dish is still better.

Soma: “I’m back~~~. Mom! I will help you get the ingredients ready for tonight! Mom?”

Tamako is on the ground and in extreme pain.

Tamako apparently had an illness since she was born and normally, it would heal as she grows up but that wasn’t the case for her. 

After one month, she passed away.

Jouichiro looks empty after Tamako passed away. Soma looks a bit older now and would challenge Jouichiro to a food battle and that seems to be helping Jouichiro mentally as well.

[Flashback over]

Soma: “The reason why I was competing against dad was of course I wanted to win again him as a chef. But at that time…there may have been something else other than victory that I wanted“

Soma: “The person I want my dish to eat…the only person to me. The person that makes me want to devote my whole cooking.

Soma: “I’m back. How are you doing Nakiri?”

Although Soma has skipped lots of classes, he was somehow able to graduate and is opening Yukihira on an irregular basis. He gets invited from people overseas and cooks for them. It’s even becoming a status among gourmet people to have tasted Soma’s dish.

Erina: “Welcome back. Yukihira kun. I’ve come although I’m busy. Isn’t there anything that you want to say?”

Soma: “Yeah thanks thanks. This time’s dish is amazing.”

Erina sighs at Soma’s carefree attitude, but at some point, she eventually found herself waiting for his dish and for Soma to come back. Soma says that he absorbed new techniques and he wants to make her say “it’s delicious” this time. Erina orders a “Chef’s choice.” 

The others have arrived and Takumi wants to battle Soma this time too.

Erina: “Wow…what happened? It’s a lot more than usual.“

Alice: “Everyone has finished their work quickly and come here.”

Soma: “Ohh thanks about that. I need witnesses after I defeat Nakiri.”

Soma says that this time’s dish will take some time so he will quickly make a dish he recently came up with as well. Yoshino and Megumi are excited but it’s the disgusting dish.

After fooling around for a bit, Soma has finished his new dish. “Alright…I’m done. With the next dish, I will make you say it’s delicious. Dig in!!”


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