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Chapter 3 Summary

“How can you not know chef Soma.”

Hisako: “Erina sama! You want to reach out to the attendees right? I will message them asap.

Erina: “Fufu…You are quick Hisako.“

Hisako: “I wonder how many will attend this time. I wonder how they’re all doing…’

Isshiki (26 years old): “What did you say! He will come back!? Oh no…if you had told me sooner, then I could’ve closed the store and go to Tokyo!”

Kuga (26 years old): “Sorry sorry Sooooory. I can’t come this time. I’m just about to depart to China~~~”

Megumi: “I see…Looks like you came up with another new creation. So amazing…’

Hinako: “Well then! Megumi chan Nene chan. Please get the store ready to open.”

Megumi and Nene: “Yes!!”

Hinako: “I wish I could’ve met you sooner. I’m counting on you Nene chan.”

Eizan; “Can’t you give us a bigger discount, Miss Mito Group? Isn’t this all for the customers? Ah?”

Nikumi: “I already gave you a big enough discount. You’re only thinking about your own share.”

Yoshino: “Well well let’s get along. Huh…? A message from Hishoko-chi!’

The 3 have recently started their own meat business and Ibusaki and Sakaki are also participating as culinary advisors. 

Despite being only 25 years old, Hayama has become a professor and is giving a lecture.

Meanwhile, the Aldini brothers are in Italy and are about to go back to Japan. They then get a message from Arato and hear that he’s also back in Japan.

Tsukasa, Rindo, Megishima, Momo, and Saito all have their own restaurant and even obtained a WGO star. They’re right now acting as judges for Tootsuki’s training camp.

Dojima gets a message that Soma has returned and says that he’s the same Jouichiro.

In New York, Jouichiro continues his career as the strongest chef. 

In the Nakiri family’s garden, Alice is talking that he will return and tells Ryo that they will attend too. Ryo answers that they already have an appointment. 

Ryo continues his role to support Alice, but he’s also contributing in the filed of marine biology. 

Alice: “It’s fine. We can just participate for a bit. You will come too right, big brother Asahi?”

Asahi: ‘I have 3 classes that day so I can’t.”

Asahi has retired from the noirs is currently an instructor for middle and high schoolers and quite popular.

Asahi: “More importantly, when will my young sister Erina come back? I’m hungry~~~’

Azami: ‘Ehem…’Asahi kun. Stop sitting in such a shameless posture. We’re here for lunch.” 

Erina is with Soma’s grandfather.

Grandpa: “By the way Erina chan, when he says, “I’ve come up with a new creation!” and comes back. You have no obligation to always help him out…If it’s too much trouble, you can just decline it.”

Erina: “Huh…? N…no. It’s not really any trouble to me…Also…right! He’s a former first seat. I’m required as the director to do this.”

Grandpa: “Ha…is it so? Well then, make yourself comfortable.”

Erina: “It’s of course part of my role as the director…but is it truly just that? At that time…when we were still in our 3rd year. And I found out that you suddenly went overseas, the reason why I got so irritated…now I know why.”

*This should be it for now for spoilers. If we go with the usual trend, then I assume we will have the full raw chapter by tomorrow or later, and I will probably summarize them as usual. See you then!

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