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After dropping out of Tootsuki, Jou has been traveling overseas for several years and he decided to return to Japan for a brief moment. He knew people from the hotel’s restaurant during his elite ten time and didn’t want to see them, so he stumbled upon a diner looking for a place to eat.

At the beginning of his travel, he had zero motivations to do anything and used his saved money to travel. But after a while, he got requests from people to cook for them and he slowly started to cook again as a form of rehabilitation. But even then, something still didn’t feel right and he still didn’t know why he is cooking. That’s when he stumbled upon Yukihira.

Tamako’s father asks him what he wants to order and Jou picks the “Chef’s pick”. Jou looks sick after eating Tamako’s dish. He’s worried about Yukihira considering they would give out a dish like that. But looking how Tamako and the customers are having a great time, Jou thinks it’s a great diner.

Since that day, Jou would visit Yukihira every time he returned to Japan. Jou would become a familiar face in Yukihira and he would even cook for the customers. Tamako at first doesn’t like it since it’s her kitchen, but she can’t help but acknowledge Jou’s talent. She accepts him as her first underling.

One day, Jou asks why Tamako looks like she has so much fun while cooking although she sucks at it. She answers she has got no specific reason but looking at the customers’ happy faces makes her happy. Jou blushes looking at Tamako’s smile. He could feel a mild but warm heat was spreading inside him.

Jou talks about his past and Tamako tells him that the fact he didn’t quit cooking means that it’s something he just can’t stop doing. She then confesses to him and they eventually have a child together.

[Flashback over]

Azami tells Erina that he came today to say his farewell. At the same time, Asahi is visiting his mother’s grave. He has flashbacks of her mother abusing him. Hearing how Soma created the dish because of his memories of his mother, Asahi wanted to go back to his roots, but he feels no emotions for his mother.

Other middle aged people are visiting her grave as well and they talk about how they feel sorry for the child and that the child was born because of a one night thing with a young east asian.

Anne was ordered by Mana to find out Asahi’s roots and she discovered that Azami is indeed Asahi’s father. That was before he met Mana but his irresponsible actions brought sufferings to Asahi and his mother. He can’t continue holding the Nakiri name and calls himself the worst and plans to leave the family. Erina agrees that he’s the worst and slaps him and tells Azami to come with her.

Mana: “That’s right…Erina. We don’t need any lonely chefs in the Nakiri family anymore”

Asahi also found out from Sarge and Yuunosuke that Azami is his father but he thinks that there’s no way he would welcome someone like him to the family.

Erina and Azami appear in front of him. She says that there are never too many chefs to satisfy the bookmaster’s tongue.

Erina: “Also…how can we keep the noble class of the Nakiri family if we can’t happily surround the table. We are a family after all. Am I wrong, big brother Asahi?”


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