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Jou: “And then I…stumbled upon the diner by accident”

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Tamako: “Wait.”

Random guest: “Alright it’s a miss!! Hey those who lost must for the small bottle!”

Tamako: “Huh? That’s weird…”

Random guest: “Are you a first timer young man? How unlucky you are. I was conflicted whether I should’ve warned when you made your order . Otama chan’s failed dishes are quite impactful…”

Tamako: “Stop calling me Otama chan Kiyo san.”

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Random guest: “Tamako chan has really calmed down. It already feels nostalgic when she was the leader of the female delinquents.”

Random guest: “Tama chan looked so cool when she was adored by all the students around here…”

Students: “Good job Tamako san. Sister Tamako, the guys from the Higashi school are in the cafe in Yonchoume!!”

Tamako: “Alright leave it to me!”

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Tamako: “Fufun…I was quite misbehaved then. But this place around here is still my city though.”

Tamako’s father: “Don’t even try to smoke in the kitchen.”

Tamako: “…I know it. It was just reflex.”

Jou: “What’s…wrong with that woman. I’m also familiar with risky cooking but is this diner alright with giving out dishes like that?”

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Tamako: “But still, the fact that you’re still cooking like this, it means that it’s something you just can’t stop doing. I really like the face you make when you’re cooking. By the way…you don’t need to be my underling but I can promote you to a higher position…to my important person, if you don’t mind?”

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Jou: “Bamako…don’t tell Soma about my time during Tootsuki or how I cook in places overseas. I want him to find what he wants to do in the future without the influence of his parents. If he becomes a chef, then there’re lots of painful things that come along with it.”

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Soma comes home with a notice of when parents can see their children during classes and Tamako decides to change their haircut, and she looks like Erina.

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Erina: “So that’s how your wife was…how wonderful…I wonder if we the Nakiri family also can become a family that can become close to each other like that. I also…hope that the day will come where I can sit at the table with my father and talk like it used to be in the past…”

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Azami is right behind her and Erina gets surprised. Jou tells her that he wasn’t the one who needed to talk to her but it was Azami. 

Azami: “Erina…this may be a long conversation but I want you to listen. First it’s about the young man Asahi Saiba…and I also came to say my farewell to you.”

Full summary is out

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