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Erina wins the BLUE.

Soma: “Damn it~~~!! Dad! I…will train from zero again! I declared that I would win the BLUE and reach the top, but I wasn’t able to achieve that at the end…This means I’m far off reaching the talent as an owner…! Once I become strong enough to carry Yukihira then I will officially bow down my head and ask you to let me succeed Yukihira!“

Jouichiro: “No, I’ve already acknowledged you. Can’t you please take over? He isn’t listening.”

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[Fall selection Culinary tournament! The main battles have started!!]

Soma left a note saying that he will be somewhere overseas and train for some months. 

Hayama: “That guy Yukihira…I can’t believe it. Who thought that he wouldn’t return for more than half a year…! Does he know who has to take care of all the office job…”

Megumi: “Ahaha…thanks as always Hayama kun.”

Alice: “Hayama kun Hayama kun, can you hear me? It’s Alice.”

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Alice: “By the way, I also saw people wearing Ryo kun’s burning bandana. Are you happy? Hey, are you happy?”

Ryo: “I don’t care.”

“I will introduce the judges for this battle. First, the two that have just graduated this year from Tootsuki academy… Satoshi Isshiki Senpai!! Terunori Senpai!!”

Isshiki: “My polar star dormitory is prospering than even before…Fumio san must be happy.”

Kuga: “Hey hey hey hey~~~! I came here despite being busy!”

Marui: “There they are!!”

Yoshino: “Senpai, welcome back~~~!”

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“And the graduates of the 90th generation! Eishi Tsukasa Senpai! And Rindo Kobayashi senpai!!”

Tsukasa: “Waaaa… I haven’t been to the Heaven’s Moon Arena for a while!”

Rindo: “Kuga! Stop being so impolite!”

Other students: “Wooow!! The former first and second seat!”

“And one more person.”

Will update the post if more comes out.

[Japan Reacts] Shokugeki no Soma Le Dessert chapter 1

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