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In the long history, it has never been the case that there have been two God Tongues in two successive generations. In order to protect Erina, Senzaemon broke the Nakiri family’s tradition to raise their children outside of their home and made her join the Tootsuki in middle school. He thought if he trained Erina’s abilities as much as possible then she wouldn’t get dragged into the storm and to refine her talent, he wanted to gather the jewel generation. The first one he targeted was Hayama, and Senzaemon used his authorities to pressure the government to make him a Japanese citizen. Soue, to help out his young sister Mana, agreed to that plan and sent Alice along with Kurokiba to Japan. And other subordinates as well as Soue discovered the Aldini brothers, Tadokoro, Yoshino, Mimasaka etc. Senzaemon was well aware that this plan to make Soma and co. study with Erina could lead them to lose their confidence. He knewit was a nepotistic and arrogant move to help out Erina and raise her to become “the hope”. But even then, this is all just one step of the plan, the success of the plan depends on the battles they have done to this point.

Soma thinks Erina should be someone who provokes you from a higher position and he wants to use his own dish to wake her up.  His dish is a Chicken Egg Tenpura Don. He made one for Erina as well and there’s hidden addition behind this dish compared from last time. And Erina eats the dish.

Image translation:

image 1: Jouichiro: “Are you alright if he ends up devouring your granddaughter?”

image 2: Senzaemon: “I don’t care if the other students’ confidence get devoured by studying with Erina. I’m well aware that this is an arrogant plan prioritizing my family. I don’t care whatever must be sacrificed. I will make Erina herself the hope!!!”

image 3: Erina: “Th…that is. Chicken Egg Tenpura don from that time…?!”

image 4: Soma: “Dig in. I named it Soma style: “Egg Benedict Don for the Queen.”

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