Nanatsu no Taizai 335 Summary

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People are looking at Merlin’s scar on her face and are saying that it’s a pity for someone as beautiful as her to have a scar like that. Elizabeth approaches her and says that she could cure a scar like that. Merlin asks if it looks that awful. Elizabeth kindly answers that it isn’t the case. It looks beautiful, and if Merlin is fine with it, she will support her decision.

The sins appear too and Meliodas says that everyone has different values.

Dianne: “I’m sad about what happened to Escanor, but I’m glad that everyone found happiness. Captain used his demon king powers and doesn’t need to return to the underground world anymore. Elizabeth also got her curse lifted.“

Ban says he also can finally live together with Elaine.

Gowther got his heart and memories back and Dianne has accepted King’s proposal.

Dianne: “And Dianne…Hmm? What is your goal Dianne? You don’t talk about yourself much, right?”

Dianne wants to know her wish and says that she will help her out to fulfill it. 

Merlin: “You indeed have the right to know it…but also the the responsibility to protect….”

She snaps her fingers and they get transported to a different place.

Merlin: “Well then, let’s begin.”

Meliodas is confused what’s happening and Merlin tells him that she will wake up Arthur. She spells out a weird magic spell and Arthur appears.

Dianne: “By saying that you will wake up Arthur, you mean you will revive him?”

Merlin: “Princess, is your preparation ready?”

“The time has finally come. Your and our master’s…”

Merlin talks to Arthur and says that this sword isn’t something that pushes him to death but it’s a key that pushes him to the next stage.

“Well then, key, use the powers of the lake’s magic and open up the door!”

Arthur wakes up, “What…have I been doing all this time?”

Merlin: “Humans are existences that contradict. And contradiction is also called chaos. This means the human chosen as the shrine maiden of chaos is the one that will command chaos.”

Merlin: “My objective was to awaken Arthur…as the King of Chaos.”




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