Nanatsu no Taizai 334 Summary

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“The sun has set…the calamity is gone…!”

The people in the village are surprised, and even Jerico is surprised that the powerful and evil magic has finished,

Hendrickson: “They’re the ones that have done this.”

“Let’s return to the kingdom!”

Knight: “King Bartra!!! The seven deadly sins have defeated the demon king! Elizabeth is safe too!!”

King: “I see…! Let’s welcome them back! Today’s a new anniversary for Britania! Let’s celebrate it!!!”

While everyone is celebrating, the knight delivers a seemingly bad news. Gilthunder, Howzer, and Gruimore turn pale when they hear it. 

“Wait Gil, where are you going?! Your favourite hero is returning…you could…”

As Gil walks away, Howzer stops him, but Gil is crying.

“When I think how they must be feeling right now, I don’t know what I should tell to them…” Howzer answers that he’s the same.

Later they talk that they can’t believe that one of the sins is dead, and if that were them, then it’s like Howzer dying.

“Huh? Why me?”

“Just an example/”

Gil: “Escanor was ready to die…He was smiling and said that the would risk his life for his friends…not everyone could do it.”

Howzer: “So cool…I also want to be able to think like that one day.”

“How cocky.”

“Let me just admire him!!”

“Yes…you’re right! He was the one who said it, a bright future will be awaiting the youngsters…”

The three are drinking together and talk about how peace has arrived, but then Vivian appears and says that an era of chaos is waiting after destroying the balance between light and darkness. 

The 3 thought she died but she answers that she revived like phoenix because of the power of love. Someone continued to tell her not to die and told her that her death would be a loss to Britania, “no it would be a loss to me…”

She then mentions that it was Dreyfus.

She pokes and Gil’s cheeks and says that she was woken up due to real love and would rather be loved and to love.

Howzer doesn’t understand what’s going on but congratulates Gil.

Gil asks what she meant by an era of chaos.

Vivian:  “I don’t know either, but she always uttered those words, ‘When the balance between light and darkness collapses, the era of the Gods come to an end, and chaos begins. And then the world will be reborn again.’ That’s what Merlin would say.”




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