Nanatsu no Taizai 333 Summary

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Chapter begins with Zeldris flying away, and everyone is there to see him off.

Elizabeth: “There he goes…”

Escanor: “Well…everyone is waiting.”

Dianne: “Everyone…huh…aren’t you…the same…”

King is crying and says to go home together and not just stand there still.

Escanor: “My appologies….my body won’t move anymore. This is it…I’ve got not regrets in my life…I got to meet with everyone here. Thank you.“

He then starts to thank everyone one by one.

“Gowther kun, you were a great conversation partner. King kun and Dianne kun…It’s a shame that I can’t attend your wedding. I hope happiness awaits you two…”

“Elizabeth sama, please say hi to Hendi. Mael san, thanks for helping me out till the end.”

“Ban san, make sure not to drink too much. Captain, you’re a saviour to my life, and my one and only best friend.”

“Merlin san, I’ve always loved you…not because you look similar to Roger….you were kind to someone like me.”

Merlin: “I just…may have just seen you as an interesting research object…even then?”

Escanor: “Even just that, I would be happy. If that means that I could reside in your heart for a bit…”

Merlin: “It’s too late…everything. I can’t get it back. Escanor, only if you could’ve found him me sooner. 3000 years ago…”

Escanor: “No matter what, I will be on your side. Whatever you decide, or whatever your sin is.”

“You knew about it…”

Escanor: “No, it’s just my intuition. Since I’ve met you for the first time, your eyes had sadness…”

Dianne: “Ahhh…Escanor, your body!”

“It looks like it’s about time. Everyone, take care of yourself. Well, it’s dangerous so please take distance.”

Meliodas: “I will protect them…Escanor.”

Dianne: “No, I can’t accept this.”

Escanor: “Bye, Merlin…”

Merlin gets closer to him and kisses Escanor.

Merlin: “I can’t answer to your feelings for me, but the proof that you lived…and the proof of the only man that loved me…I will engrave it into my body.”

Meliodas: “Bye, Escanor…”



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