Nanatsu no Taizai 332 Summary

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The explosion causes the ground to shatter, and the shattered pieces fly to all directions. One heads towards Elizabeth but Meliodas protects her.

Gelda: “Zel!? Where are you!? Answer me!”

Mel: “He’s there!”

Mael is carrying the wounded Zeldris, and says, “Glad I made it in time…”

Elizabeth uses her power to wake the sins up.

Dianne: “I’ve got no energy left…” But she manages to stand up.

Gowther: “It’s the response of Merlin’s magic that gave us the power beyond our limit, so it can’t be helped.”

Dianne: “Are you alright?”

Gowther: “Of course I am” but his body is shaking.

Zeldris: “Why…their combined magic was so powerful that it could’ve wiped out Britania…but still, it only defeated the demon king, why?”

Meliodas: “It’s because of this, the water spirit.”

Mel: “A magic lake that has infinite magic. it probably absurd the rest of the power.”

Zel: “How bizarre. A lake that continues to exist even without its vessel.”

Mel explains that Merlin was the one who told him about this so that’s why he chose to fight here.

Dianne screams and says, “Captain! This can’t be!?”

The commandments of the demon king are lying on the ground.

Merlin: “Even if you defeat him, it’s difficult to entirely destroy it. Well, Several decades, or several centuries, he won’t recover his powers.”

Dianne says that several decades are nothing and Merlin points out that there is a way to destroy it and looks at Meliodas. Mel tells Zel to take distance from him.

Mel changes his appearance and Zel says that his current magic is stronger than his father’s magic.

Mel: “I will use this power to wipe out the demon king.”

Zel holds Mel’s hands and asks, “W…wait”, are you sure about that? With that power, you can stand on equal ground as the demon king…

Mel says that he could use this power to rule the underground world in fear like his father, But that’s not his desire and says it’s the same for Zel and that their wish is for a peaceful world.

The commandments vanish.

“Everything is over”

Mel: “We gotta party today.”

Zel says he doesn’t like crowded places, and Mel answers that he won’t force him. 

Zel: “If it’s the two of us…we could reach a deal. Of course, you have the buy the alcohol.”




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