Nanatsu no Taizai 330 Summary

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“What’s happening? He’s suffering all of a sudden.”

A dark monster separates from Zeldris’ body.

Meliodas: “Zel!!”

Demon King: “My body…I let it go~~!!” He then goes after Zeldris again, but Ban rescues Zeldris.

Zeldris then regains consciousness. 

Zeldris: “Ugh…I…”

Mel: “Zeldris, you did it! You’ve defeated father!”

Zeldris: “O…of course I would.”

After realizing he won, he gets shy and falls into Gelda’s breasts.

Mel: “Man you really love breasts.”

Zel: “N…no!!!”

Demon King flies high into the sky and screams, “You bastards remember this….”

“He exploded!? Why… did he do that…?”

Mel: “Did he…!”

The black monster separates and sucks everything it touches.

“Merlin, what’s his objective?“

Merlin: “No doubt…after getting rejected by Meliodas and Zeldris, now he’s trying to make very ground of Britiania his own.”

Hawk: “Don’t be so slow mama! Before hero Hawk arrives, we will defeat him! Hmm?”

After seeing how the ground has transformed, “Hawawawa! What’s that? Actually, let’s turn back!!! No way no way no way!! This is too dangerous~~!!”

Meanwhile in the castle, “Damn it…How are we supposed to fight that monster!!”

“I will be with you until the end…Veronica sama!!”

Demon King: “I can clearly see the fear from everyone living in Britania. Everything is because of the evil deed from those sinners… Come….and give up!!! The sin to oppose the demon king is bigger than anything else!!”

Zeldris: “This fight…father has got no chances of winning anymore.“

The sins: “I’m not afraid because everyone is here! The demon king is super cocky!”

Meliodas: “Let’s go everyone!!”

“The victory is close. The holy war will be decided.”




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