Nanatsu no Taizai 328 Summary

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Even after a minute has passed, his strongest form continues. 

“Why is he able to maintain his power even after a minute has passed…!?”

The demon king’s arm is stuck between Escanor’s muscles. “It’s stuck!!”


After saying that, he hits multiple punches against the demong king.

Meliodas: “This isn’t the sunshine magic. Escanor transformed his own life power into magic.”

Escanor continues to attack without any pause and the demon king has no answers.

Meliodas: “He’s…! He’s planning to use up all of his life powers!!”

Escanor gives him one big punch and the demon king gets blown away.

Demon King: “Playing with you is over. Vanish!!!” And unleashes an attack, but the sins interfere and block the attack.

Escanor: “Why!? I’ve told you not to interfere!!”

But Meliodas confronts him.

Meliodas: “What are you doing?”

Meliodas: “I…didn’t invite you to be a part of the seven deadly sins so you can something like this!!!”

Escanor: “Do you remember? When I didn’t know how to use my powers and got out of control, I’ve defeat you many times. But you were arrogant enough, with that little body of yours, to teach me how to use sunshine, and even though it was cocky, you stayed with me when I was lonely.”

Escanor: “Do you understand? How happy that made me…”

But then a creepy dark monsters appears, “Monster of darkness…! Drag their organs out and devour it!!!!”

Escanor goes into attack mode again.

Escanor: “I’ve decided to give my life that I planned to give up in the past, to the seven deadly sins”

But the sins are right behind him.

Meliodas: “We will bet our life on you!!!”

And they attack the demon king together.

Escanor: “Everyone, forgive me. I can’t back off anymore. So I will make an order. Please…fight together with me.”

Meliodas: “We are friends until the end.”




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