Nanatsu no Taizai 326 Summary

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Dianne: “Mother creation: Earth creation!!”

Dianne’s body gets bigger and bigger. The surroundings gets shattered and the sharped objects get directed at the demon king. But he blocks the attack.

Demon King: “You dare to confront me, although you’re just a giant woman.” But the sharp stones hit his back.

Dianne: “I was a lone wolf who hated to fight, but I was reborn…!’

Demon King: “I won’t lose!!!”

Dianne: “Ahhhhh! Seven deadly sins…Elizabeth…Elaine…Hawk…and King who protects me! It’s because you guys are with me!!!” She aims all stones at the demon king.

Demon King: “Useless…you can’t defeat me!!”

Mel and Eli: “Dianne is someone who thinks others ahead of herself. If someone like that gets angry, it’s scary!”

Dianne: “I’m the queen of the giants. With Thor’s sama’s request, my friends’ future, I won’t lose!! It’s hard to say now…but also for my future with King…”

Ban: “Hey king~ you want a girl say more than that?”

King blushes and says, “Dianne! If we defeat the demon king, let’s get married!”

Dianne’s face turns red and continues to attack the demon king.

The lake is gone and is just a surface.

“This will be your grave!! We the seven deadly sins will defeat the demon king!!”

Meliodas: “The magic lake is gone. He won’t be able to recover his magic anymore…!”

Escanor: “Also, I’ve got another bad news to you, it’s noon.”

“The time for the strongest, where the strongest will become the strongest. The ONE will be activated.”




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