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Chapter starts with Howzer evacuating the citizens.

“Let the citizens evacuate to the castle! Don’t give up…The seven deadly sins are giving their all fighting the demon king.”

The sins are using all their attacks against the demon king but it doesn’t work well for them.

Elizabeth: “We’ve to get rid off this protection!!”

She says that they can’t continue fighting like this but Merlin hesitates because the demon king’s powerful curse. Elizabeth continues that she can’t continue watching it. Merlin gives up and agrees to Elizabeth’s request.

Elizabeth: “Heal!”

Ban, Escanor, and King all heal up. “What just happened?”

They’re all surprised by the effect, but Elizabeth tells them to focus on the fight. The demon king tries to take advantage of them being distracted but Escanor body tackles him and hits back.

A voice from the sky says, “This is no good…if the fight won’t get decided, and the demon king and Meliodas, will destroy Britania…’

Elizabeth floats up high and gets attack by a lighting, but Meliodas intervenes and counters it to the demon king.

“You came back earlier than thought.”

Mel: “Sorry for making you wait…alright, let’s how him the power of the seven deadly sins.”

Elizabeth: “Leave Gelda to me.”

Dianne: “Elizabeth is so cool, compared to her, I’m…Merling! Return me to my original form…! That’s right, I’m also a member of the seven deadly sins!”

Dianne: (Drole sama, please, give me your power. So I can protect everyone!)


Chapter 326: “Seven deadly sins vs the demon king”



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