Nanatsu no Taizai 324 Summary

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Another love that surpassed 3000 years.

Gelda: “I will definitely find the real Zel!!!”

All the Zeldris scream, “Gelda!”

But then Gelda gets closer to one Zeldris and says, “You’re the real one, right?”

Zeldris: “How did you know? Are you also the real Gelda?”

She then gets super pissed and says, “You’re the worst. How can’t you figure out that I’m the real one.”

Zel panics and seeing how cold she can be, he’s sure that it’s the real Gelda.

Gelda: “I will help you out now.’

But then the fake Zeldris say, “I can’t allow that. Zeldris is mine.”

The fake ones attack Gelda but Mel protects her.

Mel: “Gelda, Zeldris needs you. I will leave him to you!” “Zel! We will definitely defeat the demon king this time!!!”

Mel uses his special attack to defeat the fake Zeldris.

Zel falls into Gelda and then says to Mel, “You really came to rescue me.”

Mel: “You’re my only brother in this world. Let’s meet in the other world soon.”

Zel: “We will….!”

The demon king is behind them and says, “You’re mine.”

Zel: “Then I will defeat you!!!“

Chapter 325: “The ones who resist.”



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