Nanatsu no Taizai 323 Summary

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Meliodas screams Zeldris’ name and he wakes up after that scream. The fake Gelda utters words that the real Gelda would say and attempts to deceive him, but Zeldris’ consciousness has returned and he doesn’t get fooled. The fake Gelda suddenly transform into a corpse looking appearance. The next moment, there are multiple Zeldris hanged on the sky by threads. They don’t know which one the real Zeldris is and Meliodas says that they will must check one by one. He uses his sword but Gowther intervenes and blocks it. He hits Zeldris but it was a fake and it melts. Gowther’s mind returns to the real world. 

The sins are still fighting the demon lord and in the next moment, Gelda is biting the demon lord’s neck. She did that because she tries to go to the spirit world.

Meanwhile, Mel still can’t figure out which one the real Zeldris is and Gelda manages to enter the spirit world.

*Will translate a more detailed summary if it comes out. 



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