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“Human’s strongest weapon=the arrogance’s fist.”

Escanor: “I was chosen by destiny and gave up my life once, but now I thank this destiny. I can risk my life for my dear friends.”

Mael says he will leave the rest to them and leaves the battlefield.

Mael: “This world’s fate lies on your shoulders. Seven deadly sins…!!”

Meliodas is worried about Escanor using the sunshine magic.

The demon lord attacks Escanor and he hits back.

Escanor: “If you compare it with what us seven will achieve now, this is nothing..!!” And he then uses his sunshine magic.

Escanor: “This fight is deserving to crown the end of my life! Well then, before I defeat the demon king by mistake, Gowther! Take captain to the..”. Demon King attacks Escanor.

Demon king: “You will defeat me by mistake…? How foolish!!”

Ban the other sins intervene and they fight together. As the sins are distracting the demon king, Gowther takes Meliodas to the spirit world.

Gowther: “This spirit world right now belongs to Zeldris and the demon king, so I and captain can’t directly intervene with this world.”

Meliodas: “In other words, it’s only Zeldris ,who is directly fighting with the demon king, that can do something.”

Gowther: “It’s the same as it was with you. We can only deliver our voices…and feelings.”

They then find Zeldris and Gelda is standing in front of him.

“Zel…is right there.”

“The one confronting them in the spirit world is the fake Gelda!! The only way to defy her is through their voices, rescue Zeldris from the spell!!”

“In the spirit world where attacks are voided, the key to rescuing Zeldris is Gelda!!”

Continued in chapter 323: “I’m here.’



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