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Editor’s note: “Gather, everything is for their friend.”

Meliodas: “Ban…”

Ban: “We will help you. Why are you making that face. You wanna rescue your brother, right?”

Ban tells Mel that they will help him out rescuing his brother, but Mel answers that it has nothing to do with them and asks them to leave. Ban asks if he came back to die together with his princess.

As all the sins express their will to lend him a hand, Meliodas explains to them that the enemy has become even stronger than before. “Listen up everyone! He has become stronger than me.”

Merlin: “That’s interesting.”

Dianne is slightly irritated that Meliodas didn’t rely on them considering that they’re friends. “I’m upset you know. We’re friends so why not rely on us more!” But Elizabeth calms her down asking her to understand Mel’s feelings.

Elizabeth: “Meliodas loves the seven deadly sins and he didn’t want to drag everyone into this anymore.”

But Mel gets told that if he desires a happy ending to all this then he needs the powers of the sins and Mel makes the decision to ask for their help. “Everyone…please lend me your powers…!!”

Demon king: “I’m death, I’m fear, I’m God…”

As they reach an agreement, the demon king launches an attack, but Merlin uses her magic and directs the attack back to the demon king, but he’s unharmed.

Merlin: “It’s looking good! While we’re holding the demon king, take this chance to separate Zeldris from him! “

All their attacks doesn’t have a significant impact on the demon king.

Demon King: “I won’t just easily let you buy time like this…!”

“Damn…we’re lacking power…!”

And at that moment Mel and the demon king sense a new power joining the fight.

Escanor arrives to the battlefield.

Edtiors’s note: “The strongest always comes late.”

“Lacking power, the long-awaited Lion shows his fangs. The full seven deadly sins have gathered, and they’re ready to fight back!”

Next chapter: “The voice that calls your name.”



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