Nanatsu no Taizai 320 Summary

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Mel: “Zledris!!! You must resist…! At this rate, you will get fully swallowed!!”

The demon king has finally regained complete form.

Mel: “Zeldris’ consciousness is…completely gone…?”

Demon king: “Fu…Thank you Zeldris. Because you sacrificed yourself, I was able to regain my original power…no, I regained my young body and power!”

Mel continues to scream Zeldris’ name, but the Demon king tells him, “Give up already…the brother you wanted to rescue is gone.”

Mel: “I know it…Zeldris isn’t gone. I will rescue him no matter what!!”

Demon King: “You will rescue him? How will you do that alone?”

They both exchange multiple attacks.

Demon King: “Or will you, ask for help? The seven deadly sins…”

Mel gets blown away by the demon king’s attack. Elizabeth: “Zeldris!!!”

Mel: “This is none of your business. I can’t ask for their help anymore!”

Demon King: “You will defeat me by yourself…? Stop being cocky.”

Mel: “I made a promise with Zel! That I will help him meet Gelda again!!!”

Demon King: “It’s impossible…that I will lose to someone like you.”

Elizabeth: “Meliodas…don’t get obsessed!! Let’s recollect ourselves first!!”

Mel answers that he can’t do that and that he can’t abandon his brother for the third time.

Eli: “I know that but…!”

Mel: “If I don’t rescue him, who will!!!”

Mel uses his special attack “God Eater!”

The demon king gets blown away but he looks unharmed.

Demon King: “Didn’t expect any less from the man who was chosen to become my body. You’re worthy of testing my power.”

Eli: “Has he absorbed all the attacks!? Is that the magic of the ruler…!?”

Something comes from the sky and the demon lord takes notice, “What’s that…? Something with incredible speed is coming…”

Mel: “Why…”

Elizabeth: “They came here for you.”

The seven deadly sins have arrived to the battlefield.

The seven deadly sins: “Hmph…you thought we wouldn’t realize? That’s right, aren’t we friends connected by fate? Seriously that! The distance and time was exactly according to my calculations, right?”

At the end, Ban says it’s not a bad idea to fight together sometimes.




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