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Chapter starts with a flashback between Zeldris and Meliodas.

Zel: “B…big bro! Can I…have a second?”

Mel: “What do you want?”

Zel: “Ah…it’s…nothing…”

Every time Zel tried to speak to Mel, he would always give a cold response to his brother and eventually Zel stopped speaking to him and Meliodas regretted for treating his brother like that in the past.

Mel: “At that time, I was fully occupied listening my father’s orders and didn’t have time to listen to him. No…that’s just an excuse. You must have countless complaints about me. So open up yourself anytime you want. And if it’s possible, let’s have an open discussion…as brothers.”

Mel’s words don’t reach Zel and the demon king gains more control over Zel’s body.

Demon King: “You’re too concerned about your brother and fail to use your full powers. In contrast, I’ve fully regained my original powers as the demon king..!! So there’s only one conclusion to this. I will win.”

Mel: “Zeldris!!! Don’t get devoured!!” He then attacks the demon king but it looks ineffective.

Demon King: “It’s pointless. Zeldris’ consciousness is in his soft fantasy he desires, and will eventually vanish. Vanish with him together!!!”

Mel’s getting beat up and he finally releases his demon powers and hits back.

Mel: “Zeldris…!! I won’t give up. I will continue talking to you until you answer me!!”

[Inside Zel’s fantasy]

Zel: “I had a dream. It’s a long time ago but…when I was aspired to be like my big brother and chased his back…I always tried speaking to him but I was scared and gave up.”

Gelda: “You were that scared of Meliodas?”

Zel: “No…I was scared of my father. But my father will probably not understand it. I wanted to talk to my big brother more. What kind of alcohol he likes, how my girlfriend is…I just wanted to have those random discussions.”

Gelda: “How boring…”

Zel looks a bit surprised and Gelda tells him that none of it matters anymore and that he’s probably tired and should rest and he then closes his eyes.

Mel: “No, Zel! Resist it!!”

Mel: “His existence is…disappearing…”




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