Nanatsu no Taizai 318 Summary

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Chapter starts with Meliodas and Demon King fighting. Meliodas attacks the Demon King non stop and it clearly works. 

Demon King takes out his Prison Gate sword and attacks Meliodas, but with Elizabeth’s help, he counters the Demon King’s attack. Demon King is severely damaged and lies on the water’s surface. 

Meliodas: “It looks like you haven’t activated your “ruler” magic yet. Or was the body not the right match and you aren’t able to use it? I will tell you this. You stand absolutely no chance against us. If you don’t like that, then leave the body behind and return to purgatory, Demon King…!!!”

The Demon King stands up.

Demon King: “I can clearly feel the ripple…the tremor of the atmosphere. Contrary to your confident attitude, I can feel from the water’s surface’s vibration that you’re cornered.”

They once again clash. 

Meliodas: “Zel! Can you hear me!? Answer me!!” He doesn’t use his weapon and continuously pushes him.

Meliodas: “Zel, fight…don’t do what father tells you…!! Get yourself back!!”

Elizabeth: “Please, Zeldris. Answer your big brother…please!!”

Demon King: “Your fists are light…your sword moves are slow…are you seriously trying to rescue your young brother…?“

He then gets kicked to the ground but he’s smirking.

Demon King: “You aren’t just refusing the new power you acquired that rivals the demon king, but you aren’t even using demon power, that’s the proof…how foolish.”

“Worried about his young brother. Meliodas can’t fully attack him. His cold-blooded father did not miss that opening…”


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