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Kougi and Ameria ask why Shuna seems so upset. She answers that she’s frustrated because she can’t help Romeo’s work as a prefect. Ameria: “And what’s the actual reason?” She then confesses that she’s lonely because Romeo won’t pay attention to her and she can’t go to his room either because he has a girlfriend. Both Ameria and Kougi say that they want to spend more time with Julia and Hasuki, but only Kougi is told that he’s creepy for wanting to spend time with his sister. Shuna comes up with the idea of becoming a fag.

In order to become fags, they will help out the prefect with the planning of a school trip to the West. The first step is to first find a inn where 200 students can stay, booking ships as well as other transportation, and then getting the approval from the dorm supervisor.

Ameria talks to them but she uses “Gyaru” speech patterns and is scolded by her mother. Shuna tries to book a inn but is told that multiple Touwa people won’t be that easily welcomed, and two staff in the back room make fun of the person that came up with this plan. Shuna snaps and kicks a chair to the ceiling.

They return to the prefect having accomplished nothing and they look depressed. But then Aby, Scott, and Leon return and tell that they have completed all the tasks from the first step. “Well it should be taken for granted that we could do this. I mean we are prefects after all.”

First years “They are impressive but…annoying.”

Romeo sees how disappointed they are and says that he still needs the signature of 100 more students to make this trip possible. The first years are determined to accomplish this.


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