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Teria is helping out Romeo with his tasks. “Fufu if there’s anything you don’t get, then just rely on your big sister Teria young boy.”

Romeo: “Who was that?!!”

Romeo is consulting Kochou about Teria that she’s acting weird. Kochou also realized that Teria is acting weirdly, and she believes she knows the reason, but cannot tell that to Romeo.

Romeo and Teria go shopping together, and Teria is interested in the Crepe shop, but acts strong and says she doesn’t care. Romeo gets it and says that he wants to eat crepe.

Teria: “It…it can’t be helped then. I will buy you some. You really are such a kid Romeo kun.”

As they are eating the crepe, Teria wants to clean Romeo’s face, saying that he’s such a child, but there’s creme all over Teria’s face. She then asks if he isn’t cold and offers him the jacket she’s wearing, but then sneezes. She asks if Romeo wants to go to the washroom, but it’s clear she needs to go. “Romeo kun, Big sis Teria will buy you something you like…Ah…I lost my wallet…”

Romeo gets upset and tells her to be her usual self. But she answers that it’s not enough to be her usual self and runs away.

As they finally talk about it, Romeo asks what is going on with her. She answers that once she retires as a prefect, she will leave the academy…but only for 3 months. She got a research offer from a University in Touwa. “If I’m like my usual self, then you would be worried about me, right? That’s why I wanted to show you a mature version of me and prove to you that I will be fine by myself.” He answers that he isn’t worried about her since he knows how kind and strong she is.

Romeo: “Yes, that hairstyle suits you the best.”

Teria: “Romeo kun…I’m glad I got to know you.”

Chapter ends with Kochou crying because she misses Teria.

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