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Romeo asks Reon to take direction for their team but she says that no one will accept that. And expected, Scott and Aby refuse it, and Reon says that they’re right and they won’t accept it like this.  She apologizes to Persia about what happened last time. 

Reon: “I know that appolozing to you now won’t make you forgive me…but I…sincerely want to work together with you…”

Persia: “You were also born as a mixed blood and were fighting till now right? That’s why it’s us who can do something. Let’s fight together Reon!”

Romeo manages to get the ball back and passes it to Scott. As he runs with the ball towards the goal, Airu chases him, but then Scott passes the ball back to Romeo. Airu says that Scott didn’t look back so he asks how he knew that Romeo was behind them

Scott: “If Airu senpai would come, then I knew that Romeo would be right behind you.”

The second year somehow mange to get the win.

Rome and Airu are talking and Airu says that if the 3rd years were also working together then they could’ve made the school possibly a better place. 

The sports festival is done with both white cats and black doggies mixed in a team, but this would trigger another problem in the future.

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