Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet 95 Summary

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Kochou: “Hey A-chan what are you doing?!”

Hasuki: “N…not bad Persia…”

Airu: “Don’t think you’ve won just because of this.”

Romeo: “I know. I finally realized why you and the others provoked this fight.”

Airu: “Interesting…then show it to me!”

Romeo asks Hasuki to deliver a message to the others and that he wants them to gather at a certain place.

The second years have gathered and Scott asks what his intentions are. Romeo explains that they can’t win this fight at this rate as their individual powers are greater than them. In order to win, they need to improve their teamwork.

Romeo: “Also…this is the true purpose of this game. This is what Airu and the others want to convey to us.”

Scott says that a teamwork between the white cats and black doggies can’t exist. THey’ve been fighting till now and to suddenly get along and forget about the past isn’t easy. Teira and Kachou find them and Scott suddenly says that he will try out the teamwork Romeo wanted and throws him towards Teira, saying, “So become the bait, Inuzuka!! Teamwork!!”

Scott: “Well then Persia sama! This is our chance born from teamwork!!”

Persia: “What’s teamwork again?”

Rex gets in their way and Hasuki demands the ball and tells Scott to dug. She then jumps on him and screams Teamwork.

Hasuki: “This is teamwork!”

Persia: “No it’s not!!”

Airu is upset looking at them, “Idiotic…You don’t get it at all…I’m disappointed.”

Romeo blocks his brother’s attack and protects Scott. He says that Scott is right that they aren’t friends and developing a teamwork suddenly isn’t that simple. But they are the prefect and their intention to change the school is the same. So they must be an example to the others. The white cats cheer for Romeo as he just rescued Scott and the black doggies also cheer for Persia saying that she’s much stronger than that.

Cait plans to head to the goal and Airu doesn’t mind it but he says, “Their eyes have changed. I don’t know what will happen.”


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