Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet 94 Summary

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Chapter starts with Airu bowing his head to the former prefect of the White cats. Cait mocks and asks if he can take a picture. Airu explains about the exhibition fight he plans to do and says that there are things they can’t convey with words so he wants them to directly feel it. 

Cait: “Ahhh…”Airu chan has changed. I guess this is impact from Romeo kun and Persia chan.

Cait asks what his plan is and Airu explains that they will first challenge the fight and at the beginning he wants the White Cats to be the heel in this fight and destroy the second year.

Rex attempts to score and Scott goes in his way. Romeo, Persia, and Hasuki get in his way as well so he throws it to Cait.

Cait: “Airu…since we got into school I couldn’t stand you…you always looked down on everyone…we’re the same age and yet you acted like an adult who understood life…Who thought that I would team up with you at the end like this. You never know what happens in life…”

Cait tells Romeo that they still haven’t grasped the purpose of this fight and if they don’t realize it quickly then it will be too late. He then asks Aby if he truly thinks that he can cause a revolution and says that he doesn’t have the potential to become a leader. Aby looks down and depressed, but Somali cheers him up and he gets his energy back. Cait fools around and says he will use his secret move “vanishing ball“ and then hides the ball under his underwear. Sieber kicks him and asks the ball to be changed. Romeo says now’s their chance since Cait won’t be able to move for a while. But Sieber says that Cait is their weakest link so it doesn’t matter. The former prefect bash the others, so Teira plans to do the same with Romeo.

Teira: “No…there are no bad things about Romeo kun…”

Romeo: “THANK YOU!!”

Airu to Reon: “The part thing about you is that you don’t trust yourself. Someone like that will never accomplish anything, You’re in the way so back off.” He demands the ball but Romeo is in his way.

Airu (Romeo…so you finally weren’t able to grasp the purpose of this fight…) Then, let me end this off now!!

Romeo: “End? The game has just started.”

Persia appears from the dead angle and takes the ball away and says “Our comeback stats from here!!”


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