Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet 93 Summary

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Kochou is teasing Airu for being sentimental that he will retire as a prefect.

Airu: “Stop being silly. The burden is finally off my shoulders. I actually can’t wait for it.”

Kochou: “You’re right. We will also return to normal students again.”

Teria: “A lot has happened…”

Airu says that they are the ones being sentimental and that they have to do their job till the end. 

Romeo and the others are debating about the structure of the next sports festival. Romeo wants the black doggies and white cats to mesh and create a team and Scott is refusing that suggestion. As Aby hasn’t made one comment yet, Romeo asks him about he thinks. 

Aby: “Why wasn’t I chosen as the head. Damn it!!”

Aby blames Reon for making a scene at that time and says that’s why he lost. Romeo defends her and they start to have a huge argument. Persia tries to stop but then accidentally hits Airu who walked into the room. He scolds them for 30 minutes. 

Romeo argues back and says that they have grown as well and they wouldn’t lose even to the third years. Cait joins the conversation and says that they should make it clear whether the second year prefect or the third prefect are more talented. 

They decide that they will face off in this year’s sport festival exhibition. 

Persia asks Romeo why he agreed to this battle, saying that if they were to lose, the students will consider them as unreliable. Romeo answers that’s exactly why he agreed to the battle. He cites that the 3rd years were acting strangely that time. He says that it’s clear from the reaction from the students that aren’t fully accepted as the new prefect by them. So he assumes that the 3rd years will intentionally lose to them. 

Airu: “Our objective is to crush you to the fullest and erase the arrogance and pride you have. This is our farewell gift to you from the 3rd years.”

Romeo: “He had zero intention to let us win!!” 

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