Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet 119 Summary

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7 years have passed since the last chapter. Hasuki and her brother are the last to arrive to the wedding. Hasuki has become an actress and even features in advertisements. Reon has become a teacher and two of her students are there as well and she tells them to behave well.

Shuna says that something terrible happened to Romeo and asks them for help. Once Hasuki and the others go to see Romeo, he’s puking in a basket.

Romeo: “When I’m alone, I get so nervous and feel like puking. I thought that talking to you guys would calm me down.”

Both Airu and Romeo have become members of congress. Juliet has become the first female viscount in the West and has lots of people supporting her to change the noble system.

A guy with a black hoodie: “Hihi…all of them are getting ahead of themselves…Marriage…? I won’t accept it. I will destroy it…I will destroy it Inuzuka!!” Turns out to be Scott. Marui stops him and says that if he’s a man then he should celebrate the happiness of the person he loves. 

Romeo and Juliet’s parents have met and Ragdoll is protective over Turkish, but Romeo’s mother remembers Ragdoll and says that Persia got her beauty from her mother.

After getting praised like that, Ragdoll says that Romeo’s mother is a super nice person.

The wedding starts and both make their vows and kiss…

Audience: “Aren’t they kissing a bit too long? The priest is trying to stop them. Wait both of them lost their consciousness while standing. Are they dumb! Someone throw water at them!”

Juliet: “Hey Romeo! We’ve really changed the world! I’m so glad that I could meet you in the Daria Academy.”


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