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Tomorrow is the graduation and Romeo is on the phone with Airu and gets asked if he will go to the West or return to Touwa.

Romeo: “I will…”

Juliet says that she feels lonely that it’s her last day wearing her uniform.

The thing that has changed the most in the Daria academy is the wall that separated the two dormitories. 

The West has also calmed since Char’s declaration. The Grand duke has agreed with Char’s ideas and then the nobles chose to agree as well. The leaders of the two countries have met since then and the times are changing.

Juliet’s plan is to work directly under her father and learn from him the nobles’ duties.  But Romeo still hasn’t told Juliet about this plans.

Hasuki and Char are concerned about it as the two may end up in a  long distance relationship. Juliet answers that it’s not like they will say goodbye forever. Meanwhile, a girl is saying how she broke up with her boyfriend as their colleges are one station away.

Juliet says she isn’t worried as they have discussed their future a few times and they won’t change.

During the graduation ceremony, Romeo gives his speech. “I love this academy…all f you. I love you!! Thank you for everything!”

After the ceremony, Romeo and Juliet are at the water fountain.

Romeo: “I’ve been seriously thinking the last few days and I’ve finally got my resolve sorted.” Juliet tries to change the conversion but Romeo continues, “I will return to Touwa.” He wants to return to Touwa and support the Inuzuka family.

Juliet at first acts like it’s no big deal and that they both have their dreams but tears drop.

Romeo: “And after fulfilling my dream and when I become a respectable man. Let’s marry Juliet.”

Juliet answers with a yes.

Next chapter will be the last chapter.


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