Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet 117 Summary

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The news are reporting how Char has chosen a Touwa citizen as her first dance partner and they call it an unprecedented event. The protesters outside watched that on their phones and are livid. Romeo is concerned about it and says that she still can withdraw her statement. Juliet is crying and says that she doesn’t want to see Char getting despised by everyone now. Char answers that she’s used to it and that she did this for her own sake and tells Juliet not to worry.

Char confronts everyone and says that if there’re people who want to exchange the Touwa culture inside the west, then they don’t need to oppress their voices anymore.  She will support such people and won’t tolerate any attacks against them. She tells them to throw away the outdated tradition and create a new era. 

Char tells everyone to run away now. Romeo confronts the Queen and says that he shares the same mindset as Char. 

As they’re all about to run away, Turkish talks with Juliet. Turkish says that there’s no guarantee  that she can stay with Romeo in the future but Juliet answers their hearts will always be connected. He calls her a delinquent daughter and doesn’t care about her anymore but he smiles. 

The Queen wants to chase them but Char’s father stop her and says that Char seems to be enjoying her school life. 

Romeo thanks Char for what she did but she then starts to laugh out loud, “I did it! I changed the world before you! How about this Peru chan!? I did what Inuzuka would take years to do in an instant! Hey, how do you feel about this!? You talked about how you would change the world but I did it before you could!?’

The school trip has come to an end but Char has to remain in the West for a bit and return to Daria academy later. 

Some time passes and the day of their graduation is coming near. 


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