[FIXED] Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet 116 Summary

Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet 116 Summary was translated by BakaData.com

Chapter starts with Char greeting her mother. Her mother tells her that today she will acknowledged as a respectable lady from today and live a life that won’t shame her royal name. Her mother notes that protestors outside and asks Char if there won’t be any more quarrels. She answers that those protestors don’t have the guts to come in the castle.

Queen: “This isn’t the problem. I’m telling you to be more conscious as a princess.”

Char: “Look out Inuzuka. Don’t think that everything will go according the way you think…!!”

The servant that brought them to this place warns the students about tonight’s party and that it will be broadcasted all over the world that Touwa people aren’t allowed to get in the screen. They aren’t listening and are excited about the dress they can choose to wear.

Scott tells them that the first person who will be picked as Char’s dance partner will be recognized as the person who’s closest to Char. Inuzuka thinks that she will pick Juliet and show it off to him.

Once they get into the hall, they’re fooling around and the West people are confused why people from Touwa are here. Romeo explains they were invited by Char but they don’t believe them and say they aren’t on the list.

Ragdoll says that everyone is panicking and asks Turkish what they should do. He answers that it was obvious this would happen and that Char is plotting something. 

The Queen doesn’t understand why they’re here either but gets told that Char was the one who invited them. Once Char appears to the hall, her mother asks her about it. She answers that it’s a mistake. She only invited one person to this party.

Char: “I only have one objective and it’s to pick you as my first dance partner.” She picks Romeo out of all people.

Queen: “Chartreux!! Do you understand the meaning of those words!! It’s a statement that will shake the whole country! At worst, you’ve antagonized all citizens of the West!”

Char: “I don’t get it mother…Have I committed a crime or something? I only invited my friend to my home and asked him to dance with me. What’s so wrong about it?“

Char: “It’s important to teach history. But it’s up to us how we feel about it and how we interpret it. That’s what I learned in the Daria academy…It’s boring if you can’t openly say that you like something. I will make this country more free.”



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