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Everyone gathers where Juliet and the others are and they ask to let Juliet remain in the academy as she’s their friend.

Hasuki: “No…calling her a friend is too much? My rival…an acquaintance?”

Juliet: “Friend is just fine!!”

Turkish remembers Romeo’s words that the academy is changing and Juliet calling that place precious. There’s a contrast between the students that drove him off the academy and the present that begs him to not take Juliet off the academy. Ragdoll says Juliet’s efforts is what brought them to this place and that as parents, they have to praise their child when they work hard.

A servant of the royal family arrives and says that he wants to read out a letter from Char. As he starts to read out, his serious face changes as he fully acts like Char.

Servant: “Geez~!! It’s already the agreed time but Peru chan and Inuzka, you two aren’t here! When I called the inn, I heard that you all went to Peru chan’s house! Sounds like fun~ I’m so jealous. I wanna go too!! I won’t forgive you when you’re late too. Come asap, I’m waiting.” Once he finishes, he returns to his serious expression.

Everyone goes together and the bus is too small for everyone so few of them are on the top of the bus.

In the party, lots of the nobles want to take advantage of Char to gain more power and say they will try to get closer to her. They all want to be her frist dance partner.

As the Touwa students to get into the castle from the back door, lots of protestors against Touwa are verbally abuse them and tell them to leave the West.

Persia: “They are the people you talked about…”

Turkish: “That’s right. They’re the people you talked about when you said you will continue fighting.”

She rushes to her friends and confronts the protestors.

Persia: “What exactly do you mean by calling them trouble to you? If someone is being trouble to anyone, then it’s you who’s blocking the way. Please move away!” Romeo tells her that it’s pointless and that they aren’t willing to talk. Turkish appears and confronts them.

Turkish: “Do you know whose way you’re blocking?”

They all lose their fighting spirits, scared of opposing the earl.

Turkish: “Can’t you hear when I say “move”?”

Persia: “F…father. You helped us out?”

Turkish: “Don’t be foolish. If we’re late, then it’s me who will be scolded by the princess. Get in.”

Char is looking at them from her room and a servant asks if it really was the right to invite them without telling anybody else about it. Char tells him not to worry and that she will ensure that it will become an enjoyable party and she’s looking forward to when Romeo will make a sorry face.


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