Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet 114 Summary

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Turkish tells Romeo that he now knows how weak their idealistic wish is and that as promised, he has to give up on Juliet.

Juliet rushes to Romeo and he apologizes and says that he lost although he wasn’t allowed to.

Turkish tells Juliet to not get any closer to the “loser”.

Juliet: “No it isn’t over yet…we haven’t lost yet. Romeo is kind and the moment he realized your true intentions, his hand stopped…and you just took advantage of that.”

Turkish says that’s just an excuse.

Juliet picks up the sword and says that thanks to Romeo, she now knows her father’s true feelings and he won’t waste his fight, “I will be the one to fight next”

[Juliet’s challenge]

Turkish says he has no reason to accept her challenge, and Juliet answers that she will leave the house then.

Juliet: “Am I wrong? You aren’t even listening to my opinion and you tell me that I have to continue obeying you like a puppet? Even if you do that for my sake, I still says that’s none of your business shitty dad!!”

Ragdoll falls down as she can’t believe Juliet would say something that vile.

Turkish accepts the challenge, saying that she got influenced by Touwa and that he needs to re-educate her, “If I win this duel, then you need to obey me.”

[Juliet’s fight]

Juliet’s sword and pushes Turkish and Romeo is impressed and says that she got even stronger than before.

Juliet: “Are you surprised? You haven’t heard anything about myself at the academy nor did you come to the sporting festival. You’re still stuck with the Juliet who was weak. But I met Romeo and changed!! I learned what strength is! I learned what kindness is!”

She adds that the Daria academy has become her most important place and she doesn’t want her father to take that away from her.

Turkish: “If you want to hold a grudge then do so…you’re still a child…!! It’s the responsibility of an adult to guide you to the right path!”

Ragdoll tries to stop Juliet and explains Turkish’s feelings, but Juliet already knows that.

[Turkish’s true suffering]

Juliet: “But father isn’t regretting his suffering but…because you dragged Chiwa san into that, right? You think that you’re responsible for screwing up her life, right? Answer me! Father!!”

Turkish: “It just…won’t go away from my mind. What if she had to go through the same cruel treatment as I did after getting expelled? What if she’s living her life regretting having dated me…this sense of guilt just won’t go away from my mind…It’s all because I dreamt of a Touwa and Western person getting together!”

Turkish says he’s about to turn crazy that a man with the same thoughts as he had when he was young appeared in front of him and tries to drag his daughter into the same path.

Juliet and Turkish fight again and Juliet corrects him, “You’re wrong. Chiwa san told me that she doesn’t regret anything!”

Juliet explains how happy Chiwa was in the past and in the present and that she doesn’t regret anything.

Juliet: “Father…aren’t you happy right!?”

Turkish remembers when he was in love with Romeo’s mother and how he met Ragdoll and when he was holding young Juliet in his arms.

Turkish: “I see…Chiwa also…In that case our love wasn’t…wrong…”

Juliet wins the duel: “No matter what will happen from now on, we will continue fighting. But that isn’t painful. What’s really painful isn’t being allowed fight. So father…can’t you watch over us? My greatest happiness is when I’m beside him.”


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