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Turkish says that Romeo doesn’t know how to give up or he is simply dumb and Romeo answers that it’s true but it’s not as bad as a certain father who forcefully makes his own daughter drop out of school. Persia tells him provoking her father won’t work. But he clearly looks pissed.

Persia: “Huh!? It’s actually working!!?”

Turkish isn’t interested in arguing with them, and Romeo says he won’t leave until he talks to him first.

Turkish: “You’re seriously self-centered. You must hear that a lot.”

Romeo: “I do. But don’t you accused of being stubborn either?”

Romeo claims that if he weren’t selfish then he wouldn’t try to change the world. Turkish tells them to grow up and stop having fantasies like children. There isn’t any meaning behind discussing about it and Turkish challenges him to a duel by throwing his glove to the ground. Romeo thinks he accidentally dropped it and tries to return it. If Romeo wins, then Juliet won’t need to leave the academy.

[The Duel starts]

Ragdoll asks why they’re in the guest room and the two start their fight. She tries to stop them but Juliet explains that it’s a duel.

Ragdoll: “I thought they were going to talk to each other and now they’re duelling!! They’re making their fists do the talking!!?”

Turkish says that for a big talker Romeo is defensive and Romeo asks why he’s such a coward although he’s this strong. Turkish doesn’t know why he gets called a coward and Romeo explains that it’s because he isn’t fighting against the world.

Turkish: “Why…do I need to fight against the world!”

Romeo: “You also used to desire Touwa and the West to get long, right!? Didn’t you try to resists your destiny!?” Romeo reveals that he’s Chiwa Koinu’s son. “I’ve heard everything that happened between you and mother…how you got unfairly chased out of the academy.”

Turkish angrily asks if he won’t regret his choice even if it destroys other people’s lives. “If you truly love my daughter, then shouldn’t you back off even if she thinks you’re cruel!? Realize that you can’t make my daughter happy!!”

Romeo thought that Turkish didn’t care about Persia, and realizes that wasn’t the case. He thought that he shared the same thoughts as Airu and Leon. “But that wasn’t the case…I should’ve realized quicker. That one photo that was in his Room…”

Turkish: “I couldn’t help but feel irritated looking at you…now I know the reason. You’re similar. To my past self…who was overconfident of his powers, powerless and foolish. You’ve lost Romeo Inuzuka.”

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