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Romeo thanks Persia’s mother and she gets angry that she doesn’t want to be called “mother” by Romeo. She felt during the school festival that something like this would happen. She tells Romeo that people in their youth often act on impulse and if Romeo fails to change the world in the future and society doesn’t allow Romeo and Juliet to be together and get separated, “Can you really say that you won’t regret it?”

Romeo: “Eh yes. I won’t regret it.”

Ragdoll: “What a light response!!!”

Romeo explains that it was a simple question so he answered it so lightly, and Persia’s mother is confused as she thought she had asked a heavy question. He compares the question to, “If you wipe your ass too strongly then you may bleed, would you still wipe your ass?”

Ragdoll: “He’s saying that his life is just like an ass!!?”

Romeo explains that all of them here don’t agree with Persia being forced to drop out of school. She tells them that Persia is on the third floor in the corner room.

Ragdoll: “Is what I’m doing really the right thing to do…It could be that obeying Takish’s orders is what will bring Juliet’s happiness…”

Hasuki thanks her and says that it isn’t just Romeo’s wish for the two countries to get along and that she also wants to get more along with Ragdoll.

Ragdoll: “She’s so cute so it must be the right thing!!”


Takish gets notified that the students from the Daria academy have invaded the mansion. Takish says they’re tress passing and orders them to call the police, but the servant answers that Ragdoll allowed them to come in.

Takish: “I don’t know what their intention is but make them go home, even if it’s slightly forcefully done.” (Ragdoll, what’re you thinking…)


The servants tell them that they aren’t allowed to go any further, but Hasuki and the others stop them and tell Romeo to get Persia back. Scott holds Romeo and says that it’s best to make him the bait and he will instead rescue Persia. Hasuki elbows him and tells Romeo to go.


Persia hears that Romeo and the others are here and decides to get out of her room from the balcony, “It’s not the time to be hesitant! I also have to go to everyone…and meet Romeo!”

Romeo is on the balcony and says, “You called me? Juliet.”

They go to the room where Takish is supposed to be but he isn’t there. Romeo picks up a framed photo from the desk and says, “An angel…”

Takish: “Who gave you the permission to enter this room? I need you to leave. If you refuse, then I have to do it forcefully…” Romeo refuses.


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