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Persia’s father tells her to remain in the house until they find her new school and she isn’t allowed to leave her room unless she gets her father’s permission.

Persia answers she believed her father was always right and that’s why she followed what her father said, but she can’t obey his order this time. 

Father: “I’m not looking for an agreement. I’m not consulting you but I’m making an order. Also, you’re saying that you’ve followed my orders till now but, it isn’t the first time you persisted on something.”

When Persia enrolled to the Daria Academy, she said she wants to learn there and change the noble’s system. Persia’s father agrees that Daria academy is an elite school with children of royalties and earls. So if he were to climb up the latter there, then it’s possible she could have gained the power to the change noble’s system. But now she’s close to people from Touwa and he didn’t let her study there to play friends.

In the West, there’re groups that are opposed to Daria Academy after seeing the sporting festival.

Persia’s father: “A foolish ideology will eventually destroy itself. Try living smarter.”

Persia asks if it’s really foolish to fall in love with someone from Touwa.

Persia’s father: “That’s the most foolish out of them all.”

[Romeo and the others]

They’re talking about how they should go to Persia’s home and then they discuss that Charr has an important event and that’s why she isn’t here right now. Romeo tells them that he has a plan. He looks calm and Hasuki asks her why. Until now, he and Persia were alone but now he has all his friends on his side.

[Persia in her room]

Persia is regretting how naive she was thinking that talking to her father will solve the issues. Persia’s mother comes to see her and at first Persia’s doesn’t notice her.

Persia’s mother: (Thank god…I thought she was ignoring me and I was about to tear up…!!) “I heard about the situation from the maid. That Takish brought you home. You may think it’s unfair but…I warned you before. Not to fall in love with someone from the black doggies…”

Persia: “That warning was because…father fell in love with someone from the black doggies and was expelled right?”

Persia’s mother: “You knew about it!?”

Then her mother tells Persia that he was also kicked out of the Persia family because of it. But his eyes weren’t dead and he used his wealth he saved and his talents and established many businesses and was then eventually welcomed back to the Persia family.

Persia’s mother: “If he didn’t fall in love with someone from Touwa, then he wouldn’t have tasted that hell…I think Takish always regret that…”

She adds that Takish didn’t do this because he hates Persia and wants her to understand him. Persia answers that she can’t obey to him even more now.

Persia’s mother: “Huh…” (The obedient Juliet clearly opposed me…is this what they call rebellious phase!? I was always thought our daughter would never experience the rebellious phase…what if she says it’s embarrassing to walk alongside her mother…I will DIE!!!)

Persia says the problem isn’t that he fell in love with someone from the black doggies but it’s the world that doesn’t acknowledge that.

[Romeo disguised as pizza delivery]

Romeo tries to sneak into the building, saying that Takish ordered Pizza.

Romeo returns to Airu and the others, “Damn it. It didn’t work.” All of them try to sneak into the house with ridiculous cosplays and then they’re found. But then, Persia’s mother comes to rescue them.

Persia’s mother: (Juliet…I will believe in your words.) These children are my guests. I won’t allow you to lay your hands on them…!! Come in.”

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