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Chapter starts with Romeo and Persia arriving at the inn and Persia points out that Romeo looked like about to die in the morning and now his face is too loose.

Persia: “It’s almost afternoon, so once you are ready to go, let’s head to my house.” She then realizes that it’s quite noisy and sees her father. Romeo immediately introduces himself.

Father: “So, you’re Romeo Inuzuka.” Romeo is scared after getting glared and wonders if all married people have overcome this kind of challenge.

Persia’s father continues the discussion with the dorm mistress and says that his daughter will drop out from the Daria Academy. She will transfer to school in the West. The other students can’t believe it and say that the dorm mistress won’t accept it.

Dorm mistress: “We teachers don’t have the right to interfere with the student’s family matters.”

Persia’s father says because of Daria Academy, she strayed from her path. He adds that talking about it here is pointless and wants to leave the place. Romeo tries to stop him and asks what the reason is. Romeo says that virtually no one in the academy blames them for their relationship and that the academy is changing.

The students don’t want to see Persia drop out of school and say that they should stop them, but most students are away and that just 10 of them can’t do anything.

Romeo is being held by one of the servants and then Maru elbows that guy hard.

Romeo: “We, Touwa people aren’t calm enough to back off just because of this!”

Persia’s father tries to get his daughter in the car and she asks to listen to her and he repeats that it’s pointless to argue about it now and tells her not to make him repeat himself. At that moment, Romeo comes in to help, but Persia’s father says that he warned him already and pushes Romeo down to the ground.

Father: “Other people from the West are looking at us. You should know the meaning if they see Touwa and West people fighting here, right?” After hearing that, Persia gets in the car. The police arrive and hold Romeo and say that they need to talk to him.

Hasuki returns to the inn and is told by Leon what happened. Romeo returns to the inn with the dorm mistress. Romeo: “Dorm mistress…please tell me Juliet’s home address! Please!! I will go by myself!! I will take all the responsibility as well…”

Hasuki hits Romeo in the head and tells him to calm down, “Also, this isn’t just your problem anymore.” Scott returns as well and says that he heard what happened and that he knows the adress, “Leave the rest to me and the White Cats!!” Maru says that Scott can’t oppose an earl considering his position and says, “Leave this to us Black Doggies and back off.”

Black doggies: “W…well we got helped out by the White Cats once…it feels disgusting not to return the favor!”

White Cats: “I…it’s not like we helped you guys out…!?”

Leon: “This academy is full of Tsundere…”

The black doggies and white cats head to Persia’s home.


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