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[3rd day of the School trip]

Romeo looks awful and Persia asks if he wasn’t able to sleep well. He answers he slept well but that’s obviously a lie. He had lots of things to do on the 3rd day but after a lot has happened in the first two days, the only plans he has left are to meet Persia’s parents and to go Char’s house.

Persia tells Romeo that she called her mother yesterday about meeting up and once she opened up that she wants her to meet a person named Inuzuka, she hung up. Romeo suddenly gets hit by a stomach pain. Persia asks if it’s better to stop going, but Romeo answers that he eventually has to overcome this anyway.

Maru comes to tease Romeo and says that he better not get shot by Persia’s father. Scott also comes to bother Romeo.

Romeo: “This may be the most nervous I’ve ever got in my life…”

Persia then asks him to accompany her. While they’re riding the bus, Persia talks to him but Romeo is reading a book about proper manners and isn’t listening to her. She takes him to a place with a great landscape view. She explains that she used to come to this lake to picnic with her parents. Persia would adventure into dangerous places and her mother got very angry at her once and was always worried about her. Persia’s father was disinterested and would always be reading books, but she was happy.

Romeo finally looks relaxed. Persia: “I wanted to relax you a bit but I also wanted to take you to this place. I wanted to show you my favourite location.” She then says that she wanted him to know more about her than reading a book about manners. “I got to know about your family in Touwa…to your memorable place…I was happy.” Persia knows that meeting her father won’t be easy for Romeo as he’s a very serious person. He has little interest in Persia and the picnic was also the only time he would take her out. But she wants to believe that they will be able to understand each other and wish for his daughter’s happiness.

Romeo: “I…was scared. I’m from Touwa…and wasn’t sure if he would acknowledge me. So, I was trying my best to make the best impression possible…” Persia suddenly kisses him on the cheek and says, “Don’t be silly and trust yourself more. You’re the man I fell in love with.” Romeo collapses.

A well dressed man comes to the inn where the students are saying, and he introduces himself as Takish Persia and says he came to pick up his daughter.


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