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[At the bar]

Leon and Romeo go to a bar and ask if they have seen a red haired lady but are told that they don’t care are kicked out of the bar. They continue to ask people in the town but all of them give hostile answers.

Leon: “I knew it but seems like no one will help out people from Touwa…” And then a dog comes to them and as Leon says that only dogs will be kind to them, the dog aggressively bits her.

They restart their search and an older lady tells them that she has seen that person but won’t tell anything to Touwa people for free. Leon answers that they don’t have any money and then the older lady tells them that they have to pay with their body and Leon sacrifices Romeo.

The lady tells them that a red haired woman went down to the subway that got locked a while ago and that’s why she thought it was weird and remembered it. Leon finally finds her mother but then the guys in suit stops her. The guys in suit knew that Barmi would run away from them so they tailed her.


As Leon’s mother walks towards them, Leon says, “Don’t come here mom! Everything is my fault! Just leave me alone and…” Barmi hugs her and says that Leon has grown a lot and looks more mature now. Barmi uses her belt and slaps the guy’s hand and they run away.

Leon says that she never knew that her mother was this strong, but Barmi answers that she used to be weak. When she was brought back to the West, she lost all motivation and thought that she can’t run away from her destiny. But when Leon came to the West to see her mother, Barmi strongly felt that she wanted to see Leon one more time and fight against her destiny.

As the guys chase them, the angered Romeo runs after Leon, saying, “I will never forgive you Leon!!” The old lady is running after Romeo to capture him, “Why are you running away from me!” Romeo says that the two man in suit will take care of her.

[Barmi and Leon]

Barmi thanks Romeo for helping her out. Romeo is worried that Barmi will get caught again, but she answers that she will just escape again. Romeo tells her that if she manages to return to Touwa, she can ask help to the Inuzuka family.

Barmi doesn’t understand why Romeo would go that far and Leon explains that Romeo’s goal is to erase the differences between the West and Touwa. She adds that they came to the West with their school and that everyone has accepted her despite being mixed.

Leon: “I’m sure that one day the two countries will get along and then we can live together again!” Leon adds that she’s fine and that she isn’t alone anymore and that she found her place.

Barmi has to go now but they promise that they will see each other again and that she will always think about Leon.

Leon thanks Romeo for helping her out and asks him to stop being kind to her from today, or else, she will fall in love. Romeo says that wasn’t his intention and that he’s loyal to Juliet. Leon laughs out loud and says she was just joking.

Leon at the end, “I love seeing your troubled face.”


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