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More and more girls are coming, so they need to find a different way and Kohitsuji comes up with the idea to get to their destination through the duct.

Romeo praises Kohitsuji for coming up with this idea and Kohitsuji says that he’s been imagining everyday about this.

[Scott appears]

Scott: “Wait!! What are you doing there!!”

Romeo asks the same question back, and Scott answers that he’s just patrolling. Romeo: “Are you bastard trying to look into the dressing room?! I won’t let you!!”

Scott: “That’s you!! I’m just trying to protect the girls from people like you…”

Romeo and Scott fight each other and they drop out of the duct. But then Kohitsuji sprained his ankle and needs to stay behind.

Kojitsuji: “Go…I don’t wanna be any burden to you.” Romeo still tries to help him but then gets slapped, “I told you I don’t wanna be any burden. You wanna go to the female bath right? Or did you just say that without any resolve?”

[At the female bath]

Hasuki tells Persia how she met Persia’s mother today. Hasuki: “She was a super cool and wonderful person. The stage was fun as well.”

Persia: “Right? My mother is wonderful.”

Hasuki: “If I didn’t come to the West, then I would have never met her, and I would never know about this world.”

Persia tells Hasuki that she plans to bring Romeo to her house on the 3rd day. “I also want to expand my world to a bigger one. And with Romeo, I feel like we can climb up anywhere.”

Meanwhile, Romeo and Scott are climbing up the cliff and they are hindering each other. 

Persia: “I’m sure that ahead of all this, there’s a bright future!”

Romeo: “Quite some time has passed…Charr could come out of the bath anytime now. The future looks grim!!”

As Romeo looks about to give up, the ghosts of Kojitsuji and Tosaka tell him not to give up.

Romeo: “Hey Scott. We two are always fighting against each other right? But after the exhibition match and teaming up, we realized the importance and strength of friendship. If we team up, then we can overcome any obstacle.”

They decide to help each other out, but once Scott reaches the top, Scott says, “How naive of you Inuzuka. That you would trust me.” But it turns out that Romeo has tied his clothes on Scott’s leg, “How naive of you Scott. Didn’t you realize that I took off my jacket…” Romeo then head buts Scott, and leaves him behind, saying that he doesn’t trust him. But Romeo is immediately found by Persia and gets slapped. After he explains the situation, Persia says that she will return the bag. Romeo with tears in his eyes, “You trust me?”

Persia: “I’ve never doubted you even once. From now on, you gotta trust me more and depend on me.”

At the end, both Tosaka and Kohitsuji tell the dorm mistress that it was Romeo’s idea and they get scolded together.


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