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Tosa: “Seems like this is the end for me…”

Kohitsuji and Romeo run away as Tosa declares that it’s his end.

Romeo: “Ehm we’re able to end the first day safely. Let’s continue like this and enjoy the remaining 2 days! Cheers!” Everyone ignores him, and they have started eating already.

Romeo: “What’s wrong with them. My speech was wasted.”

Charr tells Persia that there is a hot spring in this hotel and invites her to go after finishing dinner.

[8:10PM This is when the incident happened]

The cat that took Romeo’s sausage during dinner now wants to get the milk that Romeo’s drinking. As Romeo shares the milk, the cat runs away and leaves Charr’s bag behind. Romeo looks what’s inside the bag and finds underwear in it. He remembers that it’s Charr’s bag. “How could the damn cat leave such a dangerous thing behind!!! It looks like I was the one who stole it!!!” Romeo imagines others thinking that he’s an underwear thief. Everyone tells him to quit his prefect position. Hasuki telling him that she’s embarrassed for being his friend. Persia: “Farewell you perv. I don’t want to see your face ever.”

He comes back to reality and Koshitsuji and Tosa are asking what’s going on with Romeo. They realize that he’s holding a cute bag and Romeo pretends like it’s his bag.

Romeo: “At this rate, I only have option left…I need to sneak in the dressing room and return this. It’s fine…I just need to open the door a bit and drop the bag. Then I won’t see anyone’s naked body and Charr will think she dropped it there.”

As he wants to use the elevator to get to the hot spring place, he meets Hasuki and Leon, and is told that they will go to the hot spring as well.

Tosa: “Don’t tell me you’re trying to peak into the women bathe?”

Romeo: “Of course not! I just have some business for the female dressing room!! I said it…my life is done.”

Koshitsuji: “Why would you go there alone.”

Tosa: “Take us with you.”

Romeo misunderstands their intention and thinks that they understand his situation.


They place a cleaning sign in front of the elevator so no one else comes. Romeo: “Let’s rush to the elevator!! Wait stop!! Someone is coming out!!”

Annie Curl comes out of the elevator and says she sensed a presence. Romeo and Koshitsuji have hidden successfully, but Tosa is just leaning against the wall and is found by Annie.

Annie: “What are you doing…”

Tosa: “I guess I was found…”

Annie: “The only thing further from here is the female bathe. No men are allowed. You’re alone? No other boys are here?”

Tosa: “I alone did this.”

Romeo and Koshitsuji rush to the elevator, “Thank you Tosa!! We won’t forget you!!”


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