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Lagudoll apologizes to Hasuki for hiding her identity as an actress. She says she was too embarrassed to say it on her own. “Were you able to call the inn?”

Hasuki: “Ah yes! Thanks for lending me your phone. Someone will pick me up here and was told not to move from here.” Ladugoll offers Hasuki to take a tour here. Hasuki: “Whaaat!! But I only came here so I could use your phone…” Lagudoll: “Oh aren’t you interested in musicals?”

Lagudoll then asks if Hasuki has a dream. Hasuki looks down and says she doesn’t have a dream. She always wanted to be noticed by Romeo and never thought about doing something for her own sake. She changes her mind and wants to take a tour after all.

Lagudoll’s musical starts and Hasuki is amazed by her. After the musical, Hasuki tells Lagudoll, “Ehm at the beginning there were only weird people and I was a bit worried, but once the musical started, I got dragged into it!!”

Romeo has come to pick up Hasuki, “Are you alright? Must have been tough for you to get lost!” Hasuki is surprised to see Romeo and he explains that the dorm supervisors are exhausted after looking for Hasuki till now. After seeing the poster, Romeo realizes that Lagudoll is Persia’s mother. Hasuki is shocked but thinking about it, she can see the resemblance. She feels weird for being attracted to Persia’s mother. 

Hasuki got invited to a play in 2 days by Lagudoll but that is the time where they were supposed to walk around the town. Hasuki wants to go watch the play, saying that she’s thinking about becoming an actress. Romeo gives her his full support. Hasuki asks why he’s happy for her and he answers that Hasuki always privatizes others before herself. Romeo tells her she doesn’t need to worry about that and can go to the play, and that they can have a memorable trip any time. But Hasuki thinks that, “You support me and that alone makes me jump out of happiness.”


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