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Persia tells Romeo that he already has met her mother once, and Romeo remembers that he made her upset that time. The White Cats housemistress is right beside them and is told that Hasuki has gone missing. One of Hasuki’s friend fell victim to a thief and Hasuki went after him.

Hasuki managed to get the wallet back, but got lost and isn’t able to get back. But then a creepy guy asks if she’s alone and Hasuki runs away. She bumps into Persia’s mother, who chases that creep off. Hasuki explains her situation and how she isn’t able to get back to her inn. Persia’s mother introduces herself and says her name is Lagudoll. She offers to take Hasuki to the inn. “My name is Lagudoll. If you think I’m dangerous, then just run away.” Hasuki asks why Lagudoll would go that far for her, and she explains that she also has a daughter around Hasuki’s age. Hasuki isn’t sure if she can trust her, but also thinks that Lagudoll doesn’t seem to be a bad person.

On their way, they find a restaurant and Lagudoll wants to eat first before heading to the inn. Hasuki forgets about her objective to return to the inn and enjoys the meal. Now they’re in front of a market and Hasuki once again forgets about her goal and enjoys her time. As they get past the market, now a Gondola ride is in front of them. Lagudoll says that riding on a Gondola is faster than taking the bus to the inn. As Hasuki compliments how beautiful the city is, Lagudoll laughs and says, “I’m just glad that you’re having a good time. I mean…when we first met, you were making a crying face, right? Then your memories of the West will be bad. Isn’t that a waste?” Hasuki now realizes that Lagudoll was trying her best to make Hasuki enjoy her time. “She’s a mysterious person. A beautiful and a kind person. I feel like she remembers me of someone…” They get off the Gondola and a car parks in front of them. Hasuki asks who they are, and the woman explains that she’s Lagudol’s manager. Turns out Persia’s mother is the West’s number one actress. Hasuki: “An actress…?!”

Editor’s note: “New revelations about Persia’s mother?!”


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