Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet 102 Summary

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The students are on the bus and the people in the city welcome Char. Romeo is excited to be here, but then he overhears people that are concerned that the Touwa students won’t get crazy. “As expected, we aren’t welcomed here. I knew about it but…” He slaps himself in the face and tells himself that now isn’t the time to get ahead of himself but focus on making this trip a success. They are divided into groups of 20 students with 10 each from black doggies and white cats. The black doggies students are amazed by the architect and the White cats show off and they get into a small fight and Romeo stops them. Persia is concerned if any student got lost and is isolated but Romeo tells her she’s too worried but then sees Maru like that. Maru: “It’s boring as hell. The West people are staring at us…Ah…I wanna go home. I shouldn’t have come.” Persia and Romeo talk to him and ask why he’s alone and Maru gets angry and says that he chooses to be alone and asks why he has to hang out with them. Persia answers that it’s because they are friends. Two Touwa students want to get into a building but are stopped. They are told that it’s a holy space and that Touwa people can’t enter. Then some other West people join in and verbally abuse them. Maru snaps and looks like ready to fight but is told by Persia. The West people rile up and tell them to go home. But then the White cats defend the black doggies tell them to shut up. They say they are on a school trip and ask them to stop getting into their way. The dorm supervisors join the scene and scold the adults and the conflict is resolved. Romeo talks to Persia and tells her that he wants to visit her house. He explains that he would like to meet her parents and greet them. Persia blushes and says that she’s so happy that she can’t stop grinning. Persia: “When do you want to go? We only have the 3rd day right?” Romeo: “That’s the problem…”


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