Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet 101 Summary

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Shuna is acting like a mother is worried that Romeo won’t get his toothbrush or that he isn’t taking enough underwear with him. Romeo is looking forward to this historic trip and thinks that this trip will be something that will change something.

They are on the ship now and Scott is puking and is told to puke somewhere else as it’s smelly. Romeo is talking with Hasuki and she wants to hang out with him on the 3rd day as it’s the only day where they spend their time freely. Initially, he wants to decline the offer, but as Hasuki says she wants to create a memorable time with her friends, he says that he’s free in the morning. 

Romeo plans to see Persia’s family. Someone pulls him out of nowhere and it’s Reon. She also asks to spend time with her on the third day, but this time, Romeo simply refuses it. 

Reon: “You easily declined my offer….you know it took me lots of courage to ask you…”

Reon explains that she wants to check on her mother. She doesn’t intend to speak to her but just wants to know how her mother is doing right now. But she doesn’t have the courage to go by herself and wants Romeo to accompany her. Romeo wants to help her out since Reon finally makes the first steps to move forward. So he says he has time in the evening and intends to use the night to spend time with Persia.

And now Char appears and tells him to come to her house at night on the 3rd day and Persia will come too. Romeo is sad that his schedule is fully booked now. Romeo wants to talk to Persia about it but Scott appears and tells them that they have arrived and need to disembark. They are on the plane now and can see they’ve arrived to the West and Romeo can’t predict what will happen with his trip.


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