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Kougi, Shuna, and Ameria are trying to get signatures from 2nd year students to make this trip possible. Kougi approaches Hasuki’s friends and tells them about this and gets their signatures. Shuna and Ameria praise him for already getting 2 signatures and he asnwers, “Fufun. My sister has lots of friends, so let’s use this strategy and get more signatures!”

Ameria: “But why are you so aware who your sister’s friends are…”

Shuna: “Sistalker…”

Kougi: “What’s a sistalker? Did you just add the words siscon and stalker?”

But Shuna does think that’s a good idea and wants to target Romeo’s friends, but then realizes she doesn’t know any. She then finds Maru and co. and asks them for their signautre but they decline. Ameria uses her sex appeal and convinces the two and they smacked by Shuna.

Shuna tells her not to use a method like that but is told that asking in a cute way is the best way. She wears cat ear accessories and asks for signatures to the white cats. The 3 white cats remember how they were once traumatized by her and agree to give their signature.

The prefects are wondering if the three will be successful in their campaign, and Romeo says, “If they think they just need to get signatures, then it should be tough.”

As Rome predicted, most students decline to give their approval for the school trip. Ameria is tired of getting ignore and wants to give up, but Shuna reminds her about their ambition to become fags. Ameria says that she wanted to become a fag because it seemed interesting but if it’s boring then there’s no point. Kougi tells them to stop and says that the plan itself to go to the West is wrong from the beginning. There’s no that Touwa people would want to go to the West and there’s also no way that West people would welcome them. Ameria disagrees and says that she wants both Shuna and Kougi to vist the West. “I want my friends to know more about me.” Shuna finally understands Romeo’s intention. The three come back and the prefect have finished their work and wanted to help them out. But Shuna says there’s no need since they already got it done.

Shuna explains that they did a speech in front of the two dorms and explained why it’s important to go to the West. There were obvious rejections at the beginning. Shuna asks if he doesn’t want to learn more about his friend, Persia. Ameria asks the white cats if they don’t want others to learn more about the West, citing that it’s a chance to show the black doggies how amazing their country is. Shuna: “The reason doesn’t matter! To have interest in the culture, history, other people…isn’t that what school trips are about?!”

Romeo is impressed that what once Persia made him realize, they managed to understand it on their own. Shuna asks if they can become fags and Romeo says that they’re already their proud fags. Shuna says her new dream is to become a prefect like Romeo. Kougi and Ameria look forward to the school trip, but then is reminded by Shuna that they can’t go.


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