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Kazuya: “My head hurts for crying too much…”

Kazuya thanks her for today and says that he didn’t know that he would feel so much better for talking to someone else. “It was seriously a great hospitality.”

Sumi looks happy as hell and says bye.

Kazuya looks at an advertising board and seems to have come up with an idea to help out Chizuru.


Chizuru is at the hospital and tells her grandmother that she has to go to her acting school. “If you need something, then send me a message, I will come here again at night.”

There are 65 people in her acting school, but only 1-2 people can get into the agency. She gets invited to have dinner with her peers but she has to go a practice for her play. She hasn’t skipped her acting practice and goes to visit her grandmother every morning, and even goes for an audience 2 times a week.

She goes back to her grandmother and sees she hasn’t eaten much at all and looks concerned and gets told by the doctor that her appetite is getting smaller.

Chizuru knew from the moment she heard the name of the disease that she won’t make it in time to feature in a movie. “And that’s why I did everything so I wouldn’t have any regrets.”

She then gets a message about a movie she auditioned. Although she won’t make it in time for the release, she’s hoping that she made it, but the message reads she didn’t pass it.

Chizuru holds a framed photo: “I failed again…what else is there that I can do…? Don’t smile like that and tell me, grandpa.”

[6 years ago]

Chizuru’s grandpa is livid after hearing that she got into a fight with a boy who mocked her for not having parents. “And did you win!? What did they say to you!! You tell them this!! I’ve got a grandfather who is far more energetic than your dad!!”

15 year old  is indifferent to her grandfather’s speech.  

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