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After Sumi tells him that she wants to hear what’s troubling him right now, Kazuya thinks he can’t say, “It’s nothing” looking at her twinkling eyes.

Kazuya: (But it’s about Mizuhara. What should I do…!! Those eyes aren’t fair.)

He says that this is about a person he knows and says that this person’s grandmother has collapsed recently. This person doesn’t have parents and the grandmother is the last relative that person has.

Kazuya: “It must be painful, right!? I mean your family is great, right!?”

Kazuya recalls a time when he got rejected by a girl and his grandmother came to talk to him. He grew receiving all the love from his family. “I wonder how it must feel to lose your family in this world…It must be extremely painful…lonely…frustrating…but there is no one that you can share this feeling with…It must be solitude and you must feel like you’re breaking apart…” He adds that this person has helped him and was beside him when he was suffering and helped him when he was in trouble. Kazuya continues that this person has a dream and wants to show the grandmother the moment that person achieves the dream, but it can’t be fulfilled when the grandmother passes away.

Kazuay tears up and says, “But..in a time like that…there’s nothing…that I can do…” He wipes his tears and apologizes for bringing up such a heavy topic and tells her to forget about it and that they should go home. He looks at her face and she’s crying heavier than Kazuya was.

Kazuya: “I’m sorry!! Are you OK!? Did I do something bad…!!” She shakes her head and says, “Kazuya kun’s…feelings…I can understand it…well…” She tells him not to worry and that she’s also there. Kazuya again cries.

“Her left hand was holding my hand firmly and it wasn’t a grip that you would feel in a date. I felt like she was telling me that you can share the feeling even if you aren’t a family.”

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