Kanojo Okarishimasu 97 Summary

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Sumi gestures Kazuya to sit down. Kazuya says it’s the first time he has come to Odaiba. He wonders why Sumi has put so much effort into the date. And then realizes that the people around them are kissing each other.

Kazuya: “What the hell is this!! Is Odaiba at night always like this!?”

Sumi is blushing and her face turns red. She gets closer to him and says, “Ka…”Kazuya kun…”

Kazuya: “What!? Sumi chan!? What is this insane blushed face!! She’s struggling to speak right now the most today. Is there a reason why she brought me to this place…!?”

She hands him a gift and says, “Happy birthday.”

Kazuya finally realizes that today was meant to celebrate his birthday. He remembers Ruka and Chizuru and thinks that he’s the only one not making progress. Sumi realizes that something is going on with him and asks if something happened to him.

He thinks for a moment that he can talk to Sumi about it but he also thinks that Chizuru may not want that. “Nothing! Nothing has happened! It’s all fine.”

Sumi holds Kazuya’s hand and says she wants to hear it.


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